Over the last few months, there have been numerous changes in society and the world of gastronomy, changes that have also brought new opportunities and trends that have given rise to innovation and creativity. We will now list four new trends in the hospitality sector in the post-Covid-19 era.


Creative terraces

Open spaces and terraces have been key elements for restaurants since the lockdown started to ease off. Not only were they the first to receive guests but also, with the arrival of summer and the good weather, these locations tend to be the most in-demand. Many bars and restaurants have taken advantage of this to remodel their terraces and thus be able to guarantee compliance with the safety measures, in addition to adding a touch of creativity.


Alternatives to the traditional menu

Also to guarantee diners' safety, the use of the traditional menu has also been greatly reduced. In its place, the use of alternatives such as the disposable menu, verbal menu and especially the digital menu, a tool that allows guests to read the menu from their mobiles, on the restaurant's website or through the reading of a QR code, has increased.


Take away and delivery

As we mentioned in a previous article, take away and home delivery are two additional options that restaurants have started to use more, as it allows them to increase their business regardless of the occupancy limits of the establishment. 

Another solution that is gaining in popularity is the private chef, an option that goes a step beyond home delivery and aims to make the diner's home the restaurant. Once you've made your order, a chef from the restaurant goes to the diner's house, where they prepare and serve the dishes.


Sale of products

Another method is to sell products with the chef's or the restaurant's seal. One of these products we tend to find most frequently is sauces, but lately restaurants are also selling semi-prepared or even vacuum-packed dishes. These products are sold in the establishments and also through the website or even taking advantage of the restaurant's own delivery platform. It's an excellent way to improve a brand's presence and image, in addition to achieving an additional source of income.