The coronavirus pandemic has affected chefs, the world of gastronomy and every restaurant in the world considerably. As a result, the World's 50 Best Restaurants organisation has just launched a new initiative to help mitigate the effects of the current situation on the industry. It's a project called 50 Best for Recovery.


First of all it has established the 50 Best Recovery Fund, a fund created to mitigate the financial damage caused during the healthcare crisis. The main goal of this initiative is to provide support to the various organisations that are helping in the survival and recovery of the restaurant industry without making any profit. Efforts will also be made to provide tangible help to as many restaurants as possible. 


A resource repository has also been created for the companies of the sector, the 50 Best Recovery Hub, with guides, safety manuals, training and all types of content of interest. Finally, a virtual conference is being organised for the month of September, the 50 Best Recovery Summit, which will focus on exploring how the restaurant world can start functioning again over the coming years.


Solidarity with the gastronomy sector.


To achieve this goal, the organisation will carry out various initiatives. In the first place, contributions will be made through member donations but restaurant-goers will also be able to contribute and get involved in the various projects.  


Following this, new initiatives will be created to raise funds including the 50 best restaurant offers next June. In addition, the launch of a digital recipe book is planned which will be available for download in exchange for a small donation. It will contain simple recipes prepared by the world's best chefs.  


Postponement of the 50 Best for the year 2020 


Given that this year the healthcare crisis as a result of the coronavirus has affected the whole world, and having consulted with its members on this subject, the organisation has decided to postpone the event programme for this year until the year 2021, circumstances permitting.  


In short, both the world's best chefs and the world's best restaurants will be able to receive the contributions they so desperately need in these times in which the sector has been so deeply affected by the pandemic.