Pordamsa at the Madrid Fusión 2020 trade fair - Pordamsa

The 18th edition of the fair, Madrid Fusion 2020, took place from the 13th to the 15th of January in IFEMA pavilion no. 14 at the Madrid Fair Venue. The fair is a major reference for haute cuisine and not only brought together products from the main food and drink brands but also prestigious chefs who presented exquisite recipes and also included various activities in the form of talks, tastings and cooking demonstrations.


The Fair was a must-attend for top Michelin chefs, notably brothers Joan and Josep Roca, Basque chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz and Josean Alija, Andalusians Dani García and Ángel León, Catalan chef Albert Adrià and Madrid chefs Mario Sandoval, Dabiz Muñoz and Rodrigo de la Calle. Chefs Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, Ramon Freixa, Elena Arzak and brothers Sergio and Javier Torres also attended.

Since 2003, Madrid Fusión has been creating a global gastronomy scene in Madrid to promote and present the new trends of the culinary world from all over the world. This year, Pordamsa formed part of this magnificent event together with other professionals of the sector, giving us the opportunity to present our new products over the three days of the event. 

During this 18th edition, under the slogan "Essential cooking, meditated simplicity", various recipes were presented which at first sight seemed simple and pure but which at the same time included a high degree of reflection revolving around the selection of the best raw materials in the world. For the vast majority of the culinary creations, the meditated simplicity was clear, i.e., the creation of the recipes avoided the use of tricks or devices and instead focussed on the purity of the raw ingredients and the use of fewer elements. The result of the recipes fully embodied the concept of "less is more".

Artificial intelligence, neuromarketing, environmental responsibility, ethics and the challenge of food allergies and intolerances also formed part of Madrid Fusión 2020. There were also plenty of workshops, competitions, homages, awards, Enofusión, The Drinks Show and Madrid International Pastry (MIP), Spain's first international pastry-making, baking and chocolate conference.