Green clover symbol – Michelin Guide

The French Michelin Guide has created a new distinction, represented by a green clover, to distinguish restaurants that are taking responsibility in the conservation of resources and the protection of biodiversity, as well as in reduced consumption of non-renewable energy.

Becoming a chef is a feat that requires much dedication and effort. Being a chef is an all-round profession, not only in relation to the gastronomy but also in keeping up with the latest trends, being socially responsible and working in a way that is environmentally-friendly. A renowned chef is a public figure with certain social responsibility, hence the French Michelin Guide's decision to incorporate the new green clover symbol.

Being a good cook or offering amazing service is no longer enough to set a restaurant apart from the other restaurant establishments appearing in the Michelin Guide. France will now be giving added value to restaurants working towards sustainability.  

Sustainability in gastronomy has its rewards

The new symbol will be assigned to fifty restaurants in France's guide, all of them sensitive and committed to sustainable food and respect for the environment. It will be an independent standard, completely separate from the traditional star system.

Amongst the chefs recognised by this new distinction, we would like to highlight Mauro Colagreco, whose restaurant won the award for "The World's Best Restaurant 2019". 

It's a valuable certification which we hope with serve to raise awareness amongst professionals of the sector to continue offering food of the best quality and at the same time respectful of nature. As soon as customers start to look out for the green clover as a guarantee of a restaurant that is respectful of the environment, the certification will start to increase in value. 

It is unknown if there is any chance the green clover will also be incorporated into the Spanish Michelin Guide or that of any other country. We'll be on the look-out for any new developments.