The Basque Culinary Center (BCC) updates its International Council and incorporates four new members of the new generation of chefs, Pia León (Peru), Narda Lepes (Argentina), Josh Niland (Australia) and Elena Reygadas (Mexico), with the aim of strengthening their holistic view, while also providing fresh perspectives on gastronomy grounded in their experiences and visions.

“The future of the gastronomic sector requires integrating talent that brings with it new values, priorities and needs. The work of the Council consists of providing a strategic vision to the Basque Culinary Center and endowing it with a current and inclusive vision, in addition to accelerating the impact that can be generated in our society through gastronomy”, the centre declares.

In this context, the Basque Culinary Center wanted to recognize and include in its think tank some of the multidisciplinary figures who are called to lead the sector thanks to their differential vision. Chaired by Joan Roca, active council members also are Gastón Acurio, Massimo Bottura, Enrique Olvera, Trine Hahnemann, Dominique Crenn and Yoshihiro Narisawa.

In addition, the International Board lays its groundwork at its annual meeting. Held in a different city every year, renowned chefs and experts from a range of disciplines gather to identify challenges, stimulate conversation, and dive deep into the question of how to promote the gastronomy industry from a 360º perspective.

The Summit of 2022 will be held from June 19 to 21 in Girona under the title “Welcoming Food”. It will be the first activity in which the four new members participate, who will attend the first meeting of the council, will form part of the jury that will select the winner of the Basque Culinary World Prize and will actively participate on the day of reflection.

From Peru, Pia León, chef and owner of Kjolle, will demonstrate how to diversify culinary discourse and formats through new team and talent management models. Meanwhile, the multi-talented Argentine Narda Lepes will discuss how "food" has become an undecipherable concept. She will also address how industry players like chefs can use their voices to reach audiences far beyond their restaurants to educate them about what it actually means to put something in their mouths, and how to cook and learn more about the realities behind the dining table. 

Elena Reygadas will travel from Mexico to Girona to share lessons she has learned while developing her very personal brand, not only within her business, but also in relation to her region. She will answer the question: how can an entrepreneur achieve something truly grand in gastronomy in such a complex environment? And finally, Josh Niland, from Australia, who specializes in marine products and has built an entire language around them, will explain how he understands innovation today and how such a vision connects with the present-day world.

“As President of the Basque Culinary Center’s International Board, it is a great honor and joy to welcome the four new additions,” said Joan Roca, “gastronomy sums, and it is a multidisciplinary humanistic phenomenon that is constantly growing with new visions, voices and reflections. Pia, Josh, Narda and Elena bring a new look that will enhance the enriching vision of the International Board. We await you in Girona to start a shared path that will increase the positive impact of gastronomy as a global phenomenon" he added.