Source: Best Chef Awards

The world’s best chefs were announced in this year's edition of The Best Chef Awards, which took place the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September and was held virtually for the first time. The gala, despite leaving behind its itinerant and usual format, kept intact parallel activities such as the Area Talks or the Food Meet Science. The undisputed leader of this edition has been the Danish chef, René Redzepi, who has climbed eight positions from the previous year. The second position of the Top 100 goes to the Swedish chef Björn Frantzen, the winner of the previous edition, and in the third place we find the American chef Dan Barber, who has won two more awards.

The Spaniards, despite not achieving last year’s heights, continue to lead. Spain is the country with the highest number of chefs positioned in the Top 100, with fifteen in total. Besides, despite not entering the Top 3, they have completed the Top 5 and Top 10. The Disfrutar trio from Barcelona, formed by Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro, and Eduard Xatruch, takes the fourth place, Joan Roca from Girona takes the fifth, Dabiz Muñoz from Madrid the sixth, and finally Aitor Zabala the eighth. And last but not least, Xavi Donnay, the pastry chef of the Lasarte restaurant located in Barcelona has won the best pastry chef award.

The winners of this gala were chosen by vote among their colleagues and a group of professionals, while the opinions of social media followers were also taken into account. Cristian Gadau, the creative director of the project, shared that this year's edition would remain intact to send a message of strength and positivism towards the entire gastronomic world in the times we are living. In addition, the winners decided to donate their prizes to an auction in which the proceeds would go to the charity Isabelo, a project by chef Margot Janse that works to bring food to children in disadvantaged situations.