OAD (Opinionated About Dining) is an organisation that stands out for selecting the best restaurants in a given territory. In this edition, a guide has been created with the best European restaurants, which include some Spanish restaurants run by prestigious chefs of our country.

The five top European restaurants

Although culinary taste is rather subjective, appreciation for good food is something universal. Thus this organisation has created an haute cuisine guide with the best restaurants throughout Europe.

  1. Frantzén Restaurant. This restaurant bears the name of its chef, Björn Frantzén, is found in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and stands out for serving dishes of modern European cuisine.
  2. Alchemist. This space run by prestigious chef Rasmus Munk has climbed the ranks considerably to reach second place thanks to the Copenhagen restaurant's Progressive style.
  3. Andreas Caminada - Schloss Schauenstein. The Swiss city of Fûrstenau is home to the restaurant run by honoured chef Andreas Caminada, who the restaurant is named after. His modern European cuisine has put him in third place on this list.
  4. Lido 84. Ricardo Camanini is the ideologist of modern Italian cuisine, which he offers at his restaurant in Gardone Riviera.
  5. Etxebarri. In Axpe we find the first Spanish restaurant, run by the great chef Victor Arguinzoniz. His very characteristic style and popular dishes put him in the Progressive Asador category.

To sum up, all these restaurants stand out for dishes that provide an explosion of flavours and a unique gastronomy experience. You can see the complete list of the 100 best European restaurants on the OAD website.