The World 's 50 Best Restaurants, in collaboration with S.Pellegrino, have presented the three "Champions of Change" winners. This new initiative aims to recognize and give a voice to members of the hospitality sector who have promoted significant actions in their communities in the last eighteen months.

The chefs Kurt Evans from the United States, Viviana Varese from Italy and Deepanker Khosla from Thailand have been the winners of this first edition for their local social and humanitarian work during the pandemic, including the end of mass incarceration, the breaking of barriers around the LGBTQ+ community along with fostering inclusivity, and creating crucial job opportunities for immigrants.

Likewise, "Champions of Change" constitutes a fundamental pillar in the evolution of the "50 Best for Recovery" initiative, it is for this reason that a substantial donation will be made to each of the winners' causes, which will allow recipients to continue building their initiatives and supporting the areas of catering and food as they have been doing so far.

Kurt Evans uses food as a means to mitigate recidivism and combat mass incarceration. For this reason, he will use the donation to help fund his dinners under the name "End Mass Incarceration" and promote the "Everybody Eats Philly" project, providing free meals and basic necessities to those in need.

Meanwhile, Viviana Varese, the Italian activist and chef at Viva, the Michelin-star restaurant in Milan, will use the donation to open a new ice cream parlour in the city, which will provide job opportunities for vulnerable women. Its goal is to encourage inclusiveness of staff, regardless of gender, race, age or sexuality, and to create an environment where everyone is encouraged to be their unique self.

Finally, the Indian chef Deepanker Khosla from Bangkok's Haoma restaurant, will use the donation to prepare a well-equipped kitchen for the "No One Hungry" project, which to date has provided more than 100,000 meals to the people who need it in the poorest areas of the city of Bangkok.