From the 5th to the 9th of October, the city of San Sebastián will host the 22nd edition of Gastronomika, one of haute cuisine's most not-to-be-missed events on an international scale. Exceptionally, as a result of the new circumstances caused by coronavirus, this year's congress will take place virtually to ensure that the sessions are available to everyone in every corner of the globe.


The sessions will be broadcast through a website created especially for the occasion. This way, any person who wishes to follow the congress will be able to do so with the sole requirement of free prior registration. The website will become a virtual auditorium with different rooms in which simultaneous activities will take place. At the same time, there will also be live broadcasts from the key restaurants of San Sebastián such as Akelarre, Arzak and Mugaritz, with the presence of the most renowned chefs of the gastronomy panorama. Additionally, the well-known Kursaal market will also be digitalised and companies will be able to exhibit their products to the public as in previous editions.


The Gastronomika programme will be structured around five different subjects, with one presented on each of the five days of the congress. "Five days, five paths towards the future", this is the idea behind this year's congress, placing the emphasis on the presence of various emerging culinary themes, which in turn shape different paths towards the future. They are as follows: The resurgence of "bistromania"; "Black Cuisine Matters"; Euskadi, present; Gastronomy in the post-Covid era and Twinning with Italy.


In short, the activities, competitions and keynote speeches will not only allow this year's edition to go ahead but will also constitute an opportunity to make the event grow and go viral the world over.