Basque Culinary Center 


The Basque Culinary Center offers the possibility of learning to cook with excellent teachers: professionals and leaders of the world of gastronomy. From September, renowned chefs will participate in the Gastronomy Shapers course. It's a cutting-edge initiative in the area of culinary training.

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your own home

The purpose of this course is to complete the training of current and veteran students of the Basque Culinary Center. More than 100 multidisciplinary culinary experts of the international gastronomy sector will be involved and, over the space of one year, the students will learn about various aspects in relation to the world of cuisine today. 

References in the world of gastronomy like Joan Roca, Gastón Acurio, Leonor Espinosa and Ferran Adrià will participate. The course is 100% online, a fact that facilitates its flexibility and allows students to receive the best training from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, despite the online methodology, the combination between theory and practice will be continuous.

This methodology focuses on the learning by doing system, whereby the students put the knowledge imparted into practice as they learn it. A library of multimedia content will be available and live presentations will be given so the students can ask any questions they may have.

Additionally, the knowledge will be imparted in various modules in an effort to simplify the students' absorption of the material. On top of this, it's worth mentioning that the presentations will be published in the public domain for fans of the world of gastronomy.

In short, the Basque Culinary Center aims to bring haute cuisine right into the homes of its students. The presence of big name chefs also underlines the importance of this course, which will be inspiring and will allow its students to greatly improve their techniques and knowledge.