At PORDAMSA we understand that innovation and sustainability must go hand in hand. For this reason, every day we work to create unique pieces that not only stand out for their design and innovative shapes, but also for their commitment to the environment.

Like organic and noble materials, wood is a raw material that fascinates us and plays an important role in our collections. In line with our commitment to offer quality pieces that are kind to the environment, NATURE, our handmade collection of natural wood trays is born.

The neutral tone of the wood makes NATURE a warm support to serve snacks, amuse-bouche or small bites. Its circular shape, so minimalist and aesthetic, offers a support that can be used as a tray and as a podium, turning it upside down. Two different ways to present with the same beauty.

It is available in three sizes, and can be combined with other PORDAMSA porcelain pieces to create unique dishes that allow that dialogue between chef and diner we value so much, and is our raison d'être. 

We fall in love with wood because it embellishes over time, turning this material into a support that evolves at the same rate as we do. It generates a link with the diner, not only visual, but also tactile, which will call us to feel its smooth and heterogeneous texture with our fingertips. Its brown nuances, in addition, are our great ally to bring warmth to the plating.

Likewise, the trays in this collection have a protective varnish that makes them safe for food use, and they adapt perfectly to the hectic rhythms of large kitchens. A sustainable, exclusive and handmade bet. The perfect complement for any gastronomic creation.