Image: Luca Pronzato and his team


The ONA project is more than just gastronomy: it is creativity and imagination, in a sector where innovation has to be constant to remain in perpetual evolution. This initiative was started by a community of renowned chefs and other professionals of the gastronomy sector, wine experts and producers. One of the most special characteristics of the ONA project is that it doesn't take place at a single location but rather changes the location of its gastronomy experiences, thus becoming a nomad restaurant adapted to different needs.


Ephemeral haute cuisine pop-ups

This new project by chef Luca Pronzato is yet another example of reinvention in the gastronomy sector that seeks to maintain the element of surprise, and also push the characteristic experience factor of the best culinary activities to the maximum. 


With passion and great creativity, culinary experts from all over the world are participating in the ONA project, making ephemeral appearances before moving on to the next location. This allows them to offer unique opportunities, not only to the young chefs who participate but also all the diners they manage to reach.


ONA has already been in various locations all over the world, amongst which Paris stands out. In the French capital, a secret event eventually took place in an attic in the city. 


Another of ONA's recent appearances was in Lisbon, specifically in the Largo da Trindade Museum, where the goal was to bring art together with a first-class gastronomic experience, where diners tasted local products in unique surroundings.

The ONA project is a clear example of the creativity and innovative spirit that so defines the world of gastronomy. We'll be looking out to see where it pops up next.