Over recent months, gastronomy professionals have had to adapt to the new reality, looking for new ways to continue with their activity as far as possible. Training and the passing on of knowledge by the experts are some of the areas that have managed to adapt the fastest, starting to offer these activities remotely thanks to the latest technologies.


Online gastronomy conferences and events


Through the BCC's Culinary Action programme, many online events and conferences have taken place on entrepreneurial matters in the world of restaurants and how to face the challenges of the current situation. You can find one of its conferences, "4 areas of a restaurant towards a digital future" by clicking on this link.


This year's edition of the GastroPirineus event is also taking place over the internet. It included the participation of 32 renowned Catalan chefs including Joan Roca, Nandu Jubany, Paco Pérez and the Torres brothers, to name but a few.


Gastronomika, a reference in gastronomy conferences on a global scale, also presented its digital platform where you can find speeches, interviews and other types of content from renowned chefs like Ferran Adrià, Ángel León and Eneko Atxa.


New projects that explore a range of subjects have also been organised, like Ágora 5.0 by Mujeres en Gastronomía, a virtual event that takes place once a week to look at equality in the gastronomy industry. You can follow all of them each Tuesday at 3pm through its Instagram Live.

Chefs get on the social networks and go live


The social networks are the star channels during this exhibition of online training. Many organisations, and also many chefs, share their knowledge and points of view daily by broadcasting live on these platforms.


Well-known Catalan chef Nandu Jubany has shared many of his recipes, preparing them during live broadcasts. You can see them on his Instagram profile. Other world-class chefs who have shared their videos on the social networks are Ferran Adrià, Italian chef Massimo Bottura and the Torres brothers, among others.


Various organisations with influence in the culinary world, like the Repsol Guide and the Michelin Guide, have also shared valuable new content over the social networks. The Repsol Guide has done various live broadcasts starring renowned chefs, whilst the Michelin Guide periodically shares recipes from the best chefs under the tag #MichelinGuideAtHome.


Without a doubt, online gastronomy training and dissemination have become a very interesting alternative to face-to-face lessons and events, and allow absolutely everyone to access training resources from anywhere in the world.