Nature is and has historically been conceived as the materialisation of perfection and beauty, be it for its harmonious proportions, its perfect symmetry, its colouring, patterns and repetitions, textures, etc. As such, it is not surprising that creators from all disciplines and artistic currents have found in it their source of inspiration for the creation of their great works.

Gastronomy and nature form, as it could not be otherwise, one of the most powerful synergies between the different disciplines, the latter being the main source of inspiration and resource in the creation of culinary art.


At Pordamsa we have been creating handcrafted tableware and dishes for more than 45 years, finding in nature our most fruitful source of inspiration.

Today we present the Coral Collection, our latest collection and the main protagonist of the 47th edition of our Inspiring Platings series. 

The Coral Collection takes as its starting point the hypnotic beauty of coral reefs, which have been interpreted by our artisans to give shape to this new collection in white porcelain. 


Its soft touch and delicate texture, with a combination of gloss and matt, make it an ideal collection to accompany any type of culinary presentation.

The collection has a total of seven creations, four plates and three trays of different sizes. The variety of the series makes it easy to combine and generates very interesting compositions that work with any recipe.

In addition to its beauty and pleasant feel, there are numerous advantages that make the Coral Collection an exquisite purchase. Its solidity and excellent manufacturing materials give this tableware extraordinary durability, making it resistant to knocks; moreover, it does not lose that characteristic Pordamsa white with continued use.

Moreover, its surface is non-porous, which prevents the proliferation of batteries and other pathogens. In short, a tableware set ready to keep up with the pace of busy professional kitchens.



At Pordamsa we continue to work hand in hand with professionals in the gastronomy sector, making a daily effort to ensure that our creations combine technology, the highest quality and the most cutting-edge aesthetics. An effort that is aimed, today more than ever, at satisfying the expectations and needs of both chefs and restaurants, as well as all their diners.