Image: Moro & Cáliz


On the 24th of February, the 2020 Repsol Guide Gala took place in the San Telmo Museum of San Sebastián, bringing together more than 400 people, including chefs and guests from the world of gastronomy and institutions. Sonia Pérez (the Basque Government's Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption), Josu Jon Imaz (CEO of Repsol) and María Ritter (Director of the Repsol Guide) all participated in the event.


During the event, the new awards were handed out to the best restaurants on the national scene based on the new scoring system, implemented by the Guide in 2019, and the advice of the Basque Culinary Center


The Repsol Guide has also incorporated new factors like sustainability, local sourcing of products, integration, circular economy and the essential consistency of projects into its new criteria. All these factors have been taken into account for the distribution of the Suns in this edition. For more information on the new factors, please click here.


3 Suns


Restaurants that have been given 3 Suns offer guests a unique experience. They offer cuisine that expands knowledge and work side by side to define the raw materials. They have an exceptional wine list and attentive service that runs smoothly and always makes their guests feel special. This year “3 Suns” were awarded to recognised chefs Fina Puigdevall (Les Cols) and Javier Olleros (Culler de Pau). Both are ambassadors for sustainable cuisine as well as local and seasonal products. 


2 Suns


23 restaurants were given "2 Suns". These stand out in that their cuisine shows potential, maturity and ambition. They have mastered the technique and the search for the best raw ingredients and offer impeccable service and quality wine. You can see the whole list here.


1 Sun 


77 restaurants were given 1 Sun. They all had honest, consistent cuisine, attentive, professional service and an interesting wine list. You can see the complete list on the Repsol Guide official website, here.


In total, the 2020 Repsol Guide contains 545 restaurants, one less than last year and distributed as follows: 39 with three Suns, 152 with two and 354 with one.