Despite the circumstances caused by Covid-19, Spaniards want to support our country's restaurants and say they feel comfortable and safe going to restaurants and bars, as long as they adapt to the health requirements of the moment. This conclusion has been reached by the popular booking platform ElTenedor, which has conducted a study that has indicated that 83% of respondents plan to continue visiting restaurants throughout 2021, 66% of which plan to go to restaurants between once and twice a week if the situation permits, with 56% of them allocating a similar budget to that spent in 2020 and 42% of them choosing restaurants based on price and 27% on gastronomic quality. 

In addition, 88% of diners say their dining habits have changed when it comes to dining out, specifically around the following key points: 43% prefer to book a table on the terrace in order to avoid crowds of people in enclosed spaces, 42% prefer to book dinner earlier to avoid rush hour, 38% prefer to book online, as it is mostly more convenient and has become a trend in recent months and will continue to be so from now on, 31% book further in advance to ensure a table, and 29% prefer the comfort of their living room at home and opt for delivery and takeaway services.

In addition, a positive consequence of the pandemic in terms of gastronomy and food is that consumers have become more careful with their food and have avoided food waste, a habit that 85% of those surveyed are confident they will continue to follow. The quality of food will also be an important issue again according to 41%, the rise of sustainable food will continue according to 29%, and finally, as we mentioned above, everything indicates that online booking will continue to grow in 2021 thanks to the support of 77% of the people surveyed. 

It should not be forgotten that the restaurant industry has adapted to the circumstances by implementing strict preventative measures to provide the utmost safety for its customers and workers. 

This survey indicates that consumers value the efforts of the hotel and catering industry, and trust in the proper implementation of security measures in their establishments in order to continue enjoying Spanish gastronomy.