How can you transfer the experience of a prestigious chef's restaurant to your home? This was the idea that has led more than 30 establishments of Madrid to come together to create the Take a Restaurant initiative. Due to the current healthcare crisis, this idea aims to offer customers the possibility of enjoying everything a diner enjoys in a restaurant, only in their own home.

A chef in your home

The world of gastronomy and, in particular, the take away sector, is evolving at an amazing rate. The Take a Restaurant platform brings the team, wine cellar, tableware and decoration to the diner's home.

The need to obtain stable income and the impact of the coronavirus (reduced capacity, loss of customers, hygiene, etc.) have shaken the normality of many businesses. In the middle of the healthcare crisis, this initiative is helping to maintain customer loyalty, as it connects with them in a more intimate, personal way.

New concept in gastronomy: a restaurant in your home

At the same time, this proposal has a prestigious selection of 30 establishments, each with its own type of gastronomy. The catalogue includes the restaurants Estimar, Chirón, Kabuki, Tres por Cuatro and Coque, the prestigious two Michelin star restaurant, amongst others.

Take a Restaurant has established two types of set menu. The price, which includes wine, is the same as that paid by customers in the restaurant plus a supplement, the purpose of which is to cover the cost of transporting the material to your home.

As with delivery, which we already looked in to in our previous article, this initiative is yet another example of the constant reinvention and innovation of the gastronomy sector.