At PORDAMSA we work to enrich the dining experience by combining technique, inspiration and above all creativity. Our goal is to achieve the most extraordinary, unique and timeless pieces, inspired by the most essential fruit of a particular nature, an idea, an emotion... this is how our collection of stained glass platings was born, designed and produced by hand, the Takumi collection.

In Japanese culture, being a Takumi Master means reaching the highest level that a craftsman can achieve. Up to 10,000 hours are required to become an expert, but more than 60,000 are required to be considered a Master.

Captivated by the dexterity transmitted by the hands of master craftsmen, the unique beauty of each of their creations, and their extraordinary attention to small details, emerges this new collection made of glass paste that, with its organic texture and timeless shape, allows an infinity of plates and presentations.

From the thermoforming technique and the meticulous work by hand of designers and molders, we managed to obtain a light, transparent, resistant, recyclable, stackable, hygienic, non-porous and dishwasher-safe glass, which provides a great explosion of colour to the table and perfectly complements the pure white of the porcelain.



The dark color of the glass not only creates an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, but also enhances gastronomic creations with the contrast of colours that is created. In addition, although at first glance it seems to be a delicate collection, the tableware is of great durability and is fully prepared for the hectic rhythms of the kitchens.



At PORDAMSA we continue to experiment with textures, colours and different ways of serving to add value to the world of gastronomy and thus create a piece of dialogue between the chef's creation and the diner that goes beyond presentation.