Basque Culinary Center and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (together with Alimentos de España) launch "Young Talent of Gastronomy", an initiative that aims to recognize young professionals in the sector, whose activity is making a difference within the chain of value of gastronomy. It is a space for "reflection and inspiration" in which those selected will actively participate in five virtual workshops sharing success stories and real experiences in order to introduce their perspective on current issues.

The bases of this joint support have been included in a collaboration agreement signed by both institutions. The Ministry will contribute 90,000 euros and the Basque Culinary Center 60,000 between this year and next for this purpose. "One more step for the Government of Spain in the lines of support and promotion of the youngest talent in the field of gastronomy and food" underlines Luis Planas, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

The first workshop took place on June 22nd under the name "Starting a business with just 30 years." The speakers, six very different profiles that evidenced the transversal nature of the sector, debated how to identify market niches to set up a business, how to propose a project and how to finance it. In addition, they also talked about the difficulties that can be found to start a business without experience, what are their priorities and concerns and, ultimately, the new agenda of the young entrepreneur, with a permanent dilemma: How to go from the idea to the business?

Likewise, at the second workshop on "Business opportunities in the rural world" held on June 30th, four young talents shared their experiences on the various business opportunities in the rural world. At the same time, they gave clues on how to look at traditional activities with an innovative mindset, helped analyze what potential opportunities exist to undertake in this area and explained how the rural world is key in a 360º vision of gastronomy.

Lastly, the third workshop headed by the question "Is there a gap for young talent in the wine world?" will take place virtually on July 14th by Paula Menéndez, Roc Gramona, Joseba Lasa, Manuel Méndez and Virginia Garcia. These five young professionals, who are currently developing projects or specializing in this field, will try to give an answer to the question of the webinar.