Fuente: The Best Chef Awards


The Spanish gastronomy world deserves a big celebration. For the second consecutive year, chef Dabiz Muñoz has been crowned with the title of "best chef in the world" by heading the world Top 100 of The Best Chef Awards 2022. But that's not all, he has also received two other special awards: 'The Best Chef', voted by gastronomy professionals, and 'The Best Chef City Gourmet Award'.

The organization of the contest justifies that he has repeated as number one for "his very personal, unpredictable and installed in excellence cuisine that flees from mimicry despite assimilating disparate influences and inspirations, from cooking currents to its own dreamlike universe that impregnates each visit with the emotion of a Russian roulette and turns it into a true 'XOw'. The motto is justified: vanguard or die".

The list was unveiled at a gala that took place at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid on September 20, an international event that was full of talks, workshops, first-class cuisine and many iconic faces from the world of gastronomy. We emphasize that unlike The World's 50 Best, a classification focused on restaurants, The Best Chefs Awards focuses on the protagonists: the chefs and cooks, their concerns and their approach to cooking.

The annual classification of the best chefs in the world is the result of the opinions and votes of 350 people; the 100 chefs that appear in the current 'ranking', the 100 new candidates chosen for the occasion and a selection of 150 experts (journalists, critics, gastronomes, photographers...) who are previously responsible, in turn, for pointing out these renewed candidates.

The podium of this sixth edition is completed by Rene Redzepi, chef and owner of the Noma restaurant (Copenhagen), and the Catalan chef Joan Roca, one of the three pillars of El Celler de Can Roca (Girona). In addition, the list includes a large Spanish presence. In 5th place we find Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz), who has also won The 'Best Science Award', the trio of Disfrutar Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas, in 7th, and many other outstanding chefs that you can find below.


  1. Dabiz Muñoz (Spain).
  2. Rene Redzepi (Denmark).
  3. Joan Roca (Spain).
  4. Massimo Bottura (Italy).
  5. Andoni Luis Aduriz (Spain).
  6. Björn Frantzen (Sweden).
  7. Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas (Spain).
  8. Alain Passard (France).
  9. Ana Ros (Slovenia).
  10. Alex Atala (Brazil).
  11. Rasmus Munk (Denmark).
  12. Rasmus Kofoed (Denmark).
  13. Ángel León (Spain).
  14. Niko Romito (Italy).
  15. Virgilio Martínez (Peru).
  16. Grant Achatz (United States).
  17. Riccardo Camanini (Italy).
  18. Eneko Atxa (Spain).
  19. Bittor Arginzoniz (Spain).
  20. Anne-Sophie Pic (Switzerland).
  21. Andreas Caminada (Switzerland).
  22. Mauro Colagreco (France).
  23. Yannick Alleno (France).
  24. Dominique Crenn (France).
  25. Dan Barber (USA).
  26. Paolo Casagrande (Italy).
  27. Rodolfo Guzmán (Chile).
  28. Julien Royer (France).
  29. Yoshihiro Narisawa (Japan).
  30. Mauro Uliassi (Italy).
  31. César Ramírez (USA)
  32. Enrico Crippa (Italy)
  33. Quique Dacosta (Spain).
  34. Christian Bau (Germany).
  35. Clare Smyth (UK).
  36. Paco Roncero (Spain).
  37. Jonnie Boer (Netherlands).
  38. Diego Guerrero (Spain).
  39. Eric Vildgaard (Denmark)
  40. Heston Blumenthal (UK).
  41. Javier and Sergio Torres (Spain).
  42. Martin Berasategui (Spain).
  43. Paco Morales (Spain).
  44. Corey Lee (South Korea).
  45. Alexandre Mazzia (France).
  46. ​​Alberto Landgraf (Brazil).
  47. Giuseppe Iannotti (Italy).
  48. Manu Buffara (Brazil).
  49. Daniel Humm (Switzerland).
  50. Pía León (Peru).
  51. Marco Müller (Germany).
  52. Nick Bril (Netherlands)
  53. Emmanuel Renaut (France).
  54. Arnaud Donckele (France).
  55. Mingoo Kang (South Korea).
  56. Dani García (Spain).
  57. Jorge Vallejo (Mexico).
  58. Antonia Klugmann (Italy).
  59. Floriano Pellegrino (Italy).
  60. Bruno Verjus (France).
  61. Agustin Balbi (Argentina).
  62. Hans Neuner (Austria).
  63. Joris Bijdendijk (Netherlands).
  64. Sven Elverfeld (Germany).
  65. Hélène Darroze (France).
  66. Himanshu Saini (India).
  67. Hiroyasu Kawate (Japan).
  68. Félix Lo Basso (Italy).
  69. Leonor Espinosa (Colombia).
  70. Henrique Sa' Pessoa (Portugal).
  71. Tristin Farmer (UK).
  72. Natsuko Shoji (Shoji).
  73. Elena Reygadas (Mexico).
  74. Vicky Lau (Hong Kong).
  75. Diego Rossi (Italy).
  76. Gertde Mangeeler (Belgium).
  77. Gareth Ward (UK).
  78. Josh Niland (Australia).
  79. Moreno Cedroni (Italy).
  80. José Avillez (Portugal).
  81. Yusuke Takada (Japan).
  82. Karim López (Mexico).
  83. Domenico Marotta (Italy).
  84. Santiago Lastra (Mexico).
  85. Paulo Airaudo (Argentina).
  86. Álvaro Clavijo (Colombia).
  87. Paco Pérez (Spain).
  88. Dong Zhenxiang (China).
  89. Norbert Niederkofler (Italy).
  90. Peter Goossens (Belgium).
  91. Jeremy Chan (UK).
  92. Przemysaw Klima (Poland).
  93. Tala Bashmi (Bahrain).
  94. Atsushi Tanaka (Japan).
  95. Jaime Pesaque (Peru).
  96. Fina Puigdevall and Martina Puigvert (Spain).
  97. Vicki Cheng (Hong Kong).
  98. Deborah Fadul (Guatemala).
  99. Stefano Baiocco (Italy).
  100. Helena Rizzo (Brazil).